Notes, Credits, Thanks, and all That.

Choronzon thanks:

Mohammed - Author of Al Zalzalah, the 99th Sura of the Q'uran, recited in "Atomsweight". NOTE: Choronzon is not a pro-Islamic group. Islam and Judeochristianity are viewed as false enemy factions, posed against one another by the same moneyed elite for their own purposes. Choronzon believes "Yahweh" and "Allah" to be either twin godforms or dual aspects of the same godform as seen by variant cultures...and favours neither of them, for exactly the same reasons. ("Satan" is also allied to them, in this worldview.) The 99th Sura of the Q'uran was used in this track for reasons of irony, and because it connects to geological, seismic phenomena.

Hurricane Carol - For having found the clip of Karl Rove used in "Buttonpushers" - and whose outstandingly tireless work to create a new world, the only way it's possible to do it, by changing one's own locale - is noted and appreciated.

Eianorange - For Inspiration, Understanding, the outward manifestation of Gnosis. And for "Enigmatic Theomorphisms", in title and textual substance.

Pvra Dalem - For everything about "Mater Mundi" except its backdrop; even D.M. Thraam's own voice carries her spirit in the words.

Texe Marrs - The most oft-quoted voice in "New World Chaos", he would probably be disturbed by Choronzon's intent, due to its stand against organised theocratic religions. Mr. Marrs - due to his own Christian worldview would not likely be able to see around it. Oddly enough, as far as politics and some of our philosophies go, we are congruent: whether Mr. Marrs knows it or not we both stand poised against the same elite of "Illuminazis" and like him are adversarial forces that wish to fight it by spread of information and the help of a higher power than ourselves.. We simply find our strength arises from a different god-form. Likely Texe Marrs would find himself at odds with Choronzon on a number of matters. (It is noted that the very "satanic elite" that Texe AND Choronzon exposes in our respective works likes to have all the members of its opposition quibbling over such matters as politics and religion, all the better to divide and thus weaken us.) Choronzon believes that this snippetry in the audiocollage of this one track constitutes free use, as commentary edging halfway into the waters of satire but not getting fully wet. It bears mention that Mr. Marrs' voice was manipulated to say "This chaos is a solution" when he never said any such thing; originally, the lines he spoke were "...a solution to this chaos." He was speaking of the general public's acquiescence to government identification programs as a solution to violent chaos. It is clear that Texe Marrs definitely does not view such programs as good for us. With that, Choronzon agrees in full.

Susan Baker (of radio program "Focus on the Family") spoke to James Dobson about Tipper Gore buying her 11 year old daughter a copy of a Prince album, and this was called, "Let's Go Crazy", and thus it is Mrs. Baker who speaks these words in such a dire monotone. Which is only the beginning of the hilarity of their anti-rock-lyrics lecture...there was so much great material here, it was hard to know what to clip from this. I'm sure she'll love her voice being used by Choronzon. Again, social commentary, free use, yadda yadda. (She didn't seem to have any trouble quoting copyrighted works in her schpiel; I'm sure she won't complain about this.)

Eric Tofsrud and his ham-radio broadcasts from the Loma Prieta earthquake (which happened immediately following Choronzon (West) completing Zero Divided by Infinity) appear here and there throughout the album, but in rather quiet form; not always easy to suss out.