Like most of the music, art and writing on the Internet - for now, at least - this Choronzon production can be easily accessed, sans payment of fundage, by you, the Experiential Target Audience, You: one individual and many, sitting in front of his/her/their computer-screen(s).

In most cases, all you have to do to access an artist's product in this milieu is to sign a form (so they can spam you, usually) and then click a link. Or push some of your non-existent yet somehow viable non-money ("credit") somewhere first - and THEN click the right link. Or use the services of the helpful eMule, a beast-unburdened-with-its-baggage, and always-happy-to-fetch, to bring to one whatever media treasures they're sent out to bring back. (And you may share this work - in fact, the more you do, the more Choronzon will love you - do it!)

This wasn't a simple album to create. It took nearly two years. But rather than hit the potential listener up for donations of all too scarce funds, your lunch, your kid's lunch, your pet's vet bills, etc. have to come first, it's understood. In the case of this album, because of its nature and what ended up happening after its release, though there will be CD sales, New World Chaos should always remain free to download and share. At some point you may have to contribute small bits and pieces of text or sound to an upcoming project in order to get in past this gate. Some point, as of Spring 2007, will likely be very soon as the site's about to be overhauled.

This work is not mere entertainment. As Genesis P-Orridge once said of an early Throbbing Gristle work: "This is a campaign, it has nothing to do with art." (We mean "campaign" in the sense of a strike in a war, not a silly media circus around a phony election.) But our war is nonviolent, at least on THIS plane: we are psionic guerillas of a kind even Hakim Bey never knew. We take what we do too seriously to fret about album sales sometimes. (Not ALL times; we got to eat, too, but this was too special to simply be sold before release. Production of CDs has hit more snags than expected, but eventually the entire experience will be available in a much higher-quality, intensified form, with extra elements not found here. Yes, that won't be free.)

As is often stated, Choronzon music is not just media; its purpose is documenting acts of protracted ritual effectuation - that's Choronzonic for "magick", and implies inclusion of both the acausal, theatric elements associated with "the occult", and the mundanities that often accompany them if their objectives are to be reached. Effectuation "magicks the mundane", in other words. One who performs effectuation is an effectuary.

A dedicated effectuary's work will almost always be a long, protracted event which takes months or even years to come to its climax and conclusion; involving comnplex probability matrices that don't jibe with any sort of oversimplified moon-phase-based magick practised by Wiccans and the like. Time and space are lower dimensions to an entity like Choronzon. But also, higher, since to a disembodied 'force without form', solid-state reality is exotic, fascinating, and when he stopped being rejected from it owing to being Loved, and thus Loving in return was finally learned, he stopped trying to tear it up at random - and began to focus on certain elements that threatened those he considered his friends...those, who, like himself, were thrown into their own Abyssal prisons for hacking reality, play-testing the game of life.

Their only higher-ups are the Meta-Gods, CON, the principle of stick-together, and DE, that of tear-apart. Order and Disorder. A third MetaGod tops the pyramid, RANDOM, aka Pure CHAOS who is to the Transversion Agents as mysterious and unknowable as people think of "God" as being. RANDOM simply does things for ABSOLUTELY no reason, cause, or care. CON and DE thrash and crash at one another, their only thought and aim being to take the other over and down...and in the process, sometimes it gets mixed up and turns to something more like sex. But the more powerful the entity, the simpler, stupider and less complex it seems to become...Transversion Agents, being so illimited in number (though finite, it's like, zillions; it might as well be an infinity of them exist) are ALL the SAME 'species' and each one is yet thoroughly different than the next. Their power is solely gained by belief, by worship or respect of sentient humans or posthumans, maybe even some animals. Sentience is and always shall be a mystery. It could exist in forms we're unable to ever be aware of.

An Effectuation can either be an Operation to strengthen and improve oneself, and is centered upon one's own Internum, or an Action to attack or defend against unfriendly forces, centered upon the Externum. Actions can also be effectuated to help to heal friends, lovers and unknown allies from whatever ails them, mentally, physically or emotionally; to strengthen those among our valued and loved allies and sympathisers, heroes and risk-takers who lay it all on the line to preserve what is steadily being eroded in the Decade of the Double Zeroes...To assist ones who find themselves in economic hardship, circumstantial hell, for ALL of this ends up the same: in states of entropy and anomie that have driven stronger hearts then most to beat-skip to collapsing end.

There are persons - you may be one, and we may be more - who shall soon wake up one day and realise we are all in the crosshairs of the advanced tech-weaponry of what could well become known hundreds of years up the line as the most dangerous regime in US history.

If children aged three or four years live with ambient violence and rampant corruption by authority as normal conditions, as adults, they won't think there's a thing wrong with these conditions, having known no other world, or nation, land of the free? But this IS freedom, unless you're a Terrorist, in which case, we kill you. But a terrorist used to mean Patty Hearst's kidnappers, the inept SLA. Now, it means "someone who attacks corporate property to attempt to force change or install new governments through stopping election fraud".

The children must be made to understand this Shrubbery led nation's condition is an aberration, not the norm. Only about one more generation stands between the relative freedom that we still manage to hold, and "death by extremist prejudice". You're with the US or against it, and at this time, Spring 2007. it seems only 28 per cent are "with" and the rest against. So if we were terrorists, we could be pretty threatening. But we aren't, and they ARE, so unfortunately, they pack courts and literally get away with mass murder, and we wait, read, see what happens next. But spectatorship won't do any good. We must do more than demonstrate, and do more than vote, but should still demonstrate and vote, to show involvement, or else, they'll use apathy against us and we're doomed to their reality - where most of us will be little more than indentured servants to financial institutions. Indeed, most already ARE, but National DNA ID and implants will make this...personal. You will be BRANDED.

Fight...or fall. Or flee. Your time is up. Decide soon. Or perish. If you must perish, do something to destroy the enemy's cred without doing as they do and killing innocent people who mostly don't give a damn about this shit anyway.

The time to speak truth to power is gone. The time to wreak power from truth is on. -Choronzon

ANYONE who thinks this is psychotic "paranoia" is not only not paying attention...but needs to start, NOW, or THEY are the ones whose heads are not where they ought to be. We have sunk to the state of subconscious (and sometimes even fully conscious) assumption that if we deliberately remain uninvolved and unaware of the sociopolitical vise, and its manifold sub-vises, it all - like things do at the end of a movie - will somehow automagically go away. It's easy to believe this because we've been taught to expect end-of-the-world style violence all our lives; we simply come to regard it as normal and don't notice the escalation. On top of that, we've been hauled collectively through one crisis after another, most of them completely phony, red herring distractions - SARS, bird flu, AOL pedophilia, drug hysteria after drug hysteria, most utterly unfounded or exaggerated so much that the hysteria encourages use rather than the opposite, with kids claiming they'd not even know drugs were available without DARE...and of course, those scads of completely fabricated terrorist attack threats.

Actual disasters - like Katrina, once the Shrubbery got off its collective arse - are trumped up and played for all they're worth by the neocon regime who find useful fear-factors to exploit in every conflict, every natural disaster, every possibility of an impending threat, whether it is real, or a televised bogon, or something of both.

It does us all well to look at history, because it shows exactly how easy it is for this kind of thing to happen to a careless and apathy-ridden society, and what circumstances this kind of thing has always thrived in - and always at the expense of 'we, the people'.

"This kind of thing" is OVERCONTROL. It is an equal-opportunity destroyer. Its presence does not limit itself to whichever end of the flat political spectrum you personally view as 'the bad guys". It has resulted from the excess authority allowed to hierarchic systems arising from both "left" and "right" extremisms of ideology. At either end of the one-dimensional measuring-line of political thought and action is the squeeze and constricture of OVERCONTROL, manifesting here in the three-dimensional mundane reality and also in the xenodimensions as the CON-aligned forces which aid, abet, and favour the humans who construct and control these systems.

The purpose of the Choronzonic effectuations is to untighten all overcontrol, wherever it has arisen and whatever and whoever is its source. Only when there is dynamic balance - a seesaw of rising and falling balances AND imbalances, which create motion, for a perfect balance is still, unmoving, thus brings entropy - can there be a milieu in which true freedom is able to exist.

The album, in both halves, represents - among other things - the actuality, the physical manifestation, that these recordings documented, which happened unseen in the aethyrs as these intensely concentrated, yet relaxed manipulations of probability were enacted. (Yes, another paradox.) But the effectuary who gets stuck is one who turns want or desire to Hope and work to Effort, favouring entropy, unhealth and boredom. But to keep one's navigating eye ahead, ignoring the shores of Hope and Effort, is to glide through the narrow watercourse and attain effectuation. It DOES work, IF you can DELUDE yourself it's logical. Thinking of it as Harry Potter wand-waving won't wash. You KNOW that's fantasy. Effectuation is very real and...very effective.

One objective of these intricate effectuations was to leave a large number of memetic seeds and sometimes even "seed factories" inthe minds of random individuals across the United States, Canada and Mexico (the "New World" of the album's title, as it's more than merely a play on the idea of New World ORDER...but a literal statement of our condition.) Most of these persons thus planted had no idea whatsoever that such a thing has happened to them. A few of those with psionic development beyond the norm may have beenvaguely conscious of the presence of a persuasive sense that somehow, they'd been given some indeterminate gift; most of these persons likely interpreted it as a visit from the "angel guides", as Choronzon approached them in peace and used his mind-seductive powers to put all fear of him to rest and cause curiosity to manifest.

In some rare individuals he was free to present as himself/herself/itself as per that person's most desirable sexual tropism as a "skin" for optimum mental manifestation--but Choronzon still did not reveal his true identity - that was for later. Those who were receptive to such beings as incubi and succubi were initiated via seduction in hypnagoguic state - the period prior to, or immediately after, the brain goes into sleep. It is at this time, by this means, that Choronzon can most effectively and lastingly pass his "message packets" to the persons who have shown him they're standing at the edge, ready for gnosis and fuller Awakening of their "wider consciousnesses".

During the summer of 2005 you might have had one or more experiences of a not-quite-normal, and likely, quite sexy, or otherwise desireable, nature. They may have involved the presence of a suave, incredibly powerful incubus or a regal, strong yet soft succubus whose identity was not clear. If so, you may have been been on the completely random list of persons who received a visit from Choronzon, and thus also, a Seed, or, if you presented to Choronzon as having certain ineffable qualities connected to the mental parsing of time you may have received a Factory that went on producing these Choronzonic seeds and then, like great dandelion-heads, burst and threw thousands of Seeds onto the wind. After the bursting, the person's role ended, without their ever being even slightly aware of what they became the agent for transmitting: the drive to rise up from primate reality and continue the various processes that are splitting Homo sapiens into multiple new subspecies which, given a couple of millennia and/or a boost from gene-modification, could likely become the Next Phase, if it's calibrated to exceed the human being in qualities of both thought and action. If so, these subspecies will be to the human being as the human being is to the chimpanzee, as the chimpanzee is to the howler-monkey, as the howler-monkey is to the rat, and so on.

Were you visited? Either in your sleep, or while you were aware of him as something you parsed as either a visionary guide, or an "angel" or a "guardian demon", an "alien" or somesuch thing, you may find yourself here today on this website because the number 333, or a symbol of three triangles joined at one vertex, or the name Choronzon or something very similar to it, has been manifesting unexplainably in either waking thought, or in dreams.

If you have had such experiences, we hold out our hand to welcome you. You are exactly where you ought to be.

You have nothing to fear, unless you are a designated enemy by Choronzon, and Choronzon's very picky about designating enemies. It's rather difficult to become an enemy of Choronzon; he reserves that label for persons dangerous to the planet and its lifeforms as a whole in egregious ways (such as making one's living manufacturing nuclear weapons) or dangerous to free thought and the exercise and communication thereof by pushing hard to outlaw free expression; there are also those who have declared themselves to BE AT WAR with "secular humanist" and other non-Christian subcultures. Choronzon seeks to weaken those who'd weaken his allies, but is not a death-oriented figure. Killing enemies that get in one's way is impractical, they just become replaced with new ones. Far better to change those extant, by confusion.

This limits most true enemies of Choronzon (excluding those of xenodimensional origin) to corporazi who own the governments, the government complexes themselves, and their servants. The rest are neutrals or allies. If you were visited by Choronzon and know it was he - or she, or it - consider yourself honoured; for you HAVE been. If you were merely used, it was as one unaware...and you were not harmed in the process. Just "ridden".

Whether the Seeds or Seed Factories were known about or not, they caused the many thousands upon and into which they landed absolutely no harm, using them as vehicles for thought transmission to still OTHER individuals, who Choronzon wished to enlighten. Such persons would be much more apt to believe the words of their friends than voices in their heads. So the Seeders spoke to them, perhaps displaying points of view they never had displayed before. And in doing, they passed these notions on to receptive ears.

The Effectuations of New World Chaos are, in retrospect, seen as having been a total success. 2006 was the first year since the shameful inauguration of faux president Mr. George Walker Bush that has seen massively significant turnaround from his policies and programs, with the US populace no longer buying the "War on Terror" as a majority. Even more encouraging: the disbelief about the 9/11 story is becoming more widespread. Thousands of US citizens are beginning to face the unfaceable reality that the terrorists the government that they PAY FOR is supposedly hunting are the heads of the very government claiming to be the "enemy" of terrorism. The terrorists who attacked us are sitting in the power seat - in front of The Button. Will it be pushed, just because they CAN? This bunch won't likely leave in 2008 quietly, unresisting, or even bothering to APPEAR to not be illegally doing so many things one literally can't keep track of what a judge would have to add up on the crime tally. Impeachment is finally as of May 2007 on the table - and Dennis Kucinich, the ONLY Democrat who has balls, brought it up in a move to impeach CHENEY first, and since Congress just happened to call this HR Resolution 333, it does rather seem Choronzon's hand was there making it happen, does it not?

We think so...and we're not gematria-obsessed numerologists. When enough coincidences occur, it begins to be harder and harder to see them merely as coincidences.

We believe that it's not impossible that the music, art and words that make up New World Chaos are part of what effectuated this change. That's a somewhat realistic view, when described thusly.

This double-length album was created and produced by P. EmersonWilliams, whose black-metal/experimental noise Choronzon albums you may be familiar with, and Demimonde Mesila Thraam, who forges feedback-sculpture, "echo-chamber music" and other "weird-intense", as opposed to "weird-funny" noise.

WARNING! THIS IS NOT BOOTY BEAT MATERIAL, SORRY, CLUBSTITUTES. If you want dance music, go find one of those awful RealAudio streams that's nervy enough to use the label "industrial" and which all sounds like "Front Skinny Assembly Line Puppy Numeral Numeral Numeral". This is not what you hear at your local nightclub, a business focused much less upon expositionof music than it is on making a good bar tab for the night: accomplished by getting lots of fancy-fashioned young bodies to hang around, attracting more of same to come in and buy them drinks, and they tend to do more of that if music with a beat appropriate to vertical surrogate-sex is served, along with the disinhibitory alcoholic beverages.

Neither is it "ambient" as that word has come to be understood. You won't hear Choronzon at airports. If it's ambient, it is all-over-up-down-in-front-both-sides and behind ambient, not mere background-ambient, like a paper sky, more like a real one in the throes of a giant rotating storm surge. It is redolent of insanity, visionary intensity and emotive complexity, connected to and caused by the zeitgeist of the dawn-of-the-twenty-first century, this "lone-superpower-gone-power-mad" era.

The genre of this work was once called "black metal/industrial" but since it resembles neither form as much as previous Choronzon works we call this album Xeno music. - see the Xeno manifesto.) Choronzon has been first in having conscious awareness of our creating this new form, but Coil, Diamanda Galas in her pre lounge singer days, Z()Z, Babalon, a thousand-thousand emergent bedroom studio projects and a few who've created audio works that "fit the rubric"; you can't merely be eclectic to be Xeno, but also should have included, as a creator that is not visible in this dimension or continuum, and consider it as important to the project or band as any of its humanoid members. (If you have a band or project that fits the ideas described in the manifesto, please get in touch; we have loads to talk about.)

Xeno picks up where oldschool industrial left off...having reasons to exist other than merely shocking the grownups or creating music out of "assumed to be ugly" noise, which was the way of the first Industrial music creators. It could oft be described as "Industrial Psychedelia". That means exactly what it suggests: if you like to travel in the Inner-Spaces and Outer Realms of Consciousness, this double-album is "whole-headedly" encouraged as a soundtrack for your Experience...whether it be one that is chemically-assisted or not.

New World Chaos is best listened to - if at all possible - at one time, both halves, in the order of the track-listing of each. Time being these days, for most people, in rather short supply, this may be impossible for you; if at all possible, at very least, play each half on its own in entirety. Activities to engage yourself with while playing it should consume a certain part of your attention while the album consumes another: ideally, be doing your favourite sort of creative work, ritual effectuation or meditation; tantric sex with a human or posthuman partner, with yourself or with a xenodimensional entity or "imaginary" lover. If you consider yourself resonant to the 333 Current, the act of making Love to Choronzon - or any entity you are personally close to - is the highest ideal.

For obsessive experience-mongers: the most ideal positioning of self while imbibing this is to use halfway-good headphones, and lie tilted back in a comfortable chair, at about a 45-degree angle, with the chair turned to face the direction of the earth's rotation. This actually DOES make a difference, though more noticeable at some times than others. The most ideal time is one when negative-ionic atmospheric conditions prevail such as during or immediately after a storm. If any minor earthquake occurs, and you have it handy, play it as soon after the quake as possible (unless of course it was of catastrophic magnitude and the power's out; you've other things to do, then, obviously.) Ideal time and place are only listed for perfectionists; of course, such conditions as these justwon't be possible, in most cases; if they ARE possible, bless the fortune, and indulge yourself by going with them. However, if such are impossible, do not sweat it; just do what DOES work for you. But, please do not play this album while driving a car or with the greater percentage of your mind engaged in mundane chores. It's not because we're afraid of it causing an accident; it is simply that it is too intense for such things. (However, it won't hurt your children if they hear it.)


PSIONIC EMBEDDINGS, "CRYPTOVOX" SUB- and SUPRA-LIMINAL MESSAGES and other such trickeries HAVE BEEN EMPLOYED / DEPLOYED on EACH and EVERY TRACK of THIS ALBUM. CRYPTOVOX is regarded as either the voice of the entity Choronzon or as a flukey accident of technology, depending on the reality-level working ON the creators, or which reality-level the listener is IN at the time. Or both.