The following work is a documentation of a year-long act of "black magick" - an effectuation against a particular vile act and the individuals who commit it. This amounts to a ritual summoning of invisible xenodimensional forces to
push the probability of something happening in a particular direction. It can conceivably only be dangerous to cat torturers...who are STILL given a last chance via the implementation of a  "neurological rewrite pattern" which works by removing any satisfaction one who practices this act feels he or she would gain from it.

The entity responsible for what would happen to these individuals if they do not change is BAST. BAST is a representation of a particular force of nature "in charge of feline affairs", so to speak, and while personified as a goddess, as the Egyptians who named her did, "she" is actually a form of power that exists in realms that the rules of "regular" physics simply cannot ever adequately explain. Some resonants call this  phenomenon "morphogenetic fields".

If the idea of black magick bothers you, please just take it with a grain of salt.  After all, at least half the time, even we do. Think of it more as a frame of reference or symbolic attribution. CHORONZON and BAST won't mind, and neither would we.

This was something that happened because it had to - it is the needed response to seeing all the deranged people that get their pictures in the news for feline abuse, but who never stay in prison very long for committing it. One thing is certain. Doing this absolutely helped in dealing with the negative emotions related to this subject for its creators and even if that was the only real "magick" it caused, it's still done tremendous good. You never know, though - CHORONZON has a track record of being weirdly good at making things happen that seem impossible. 

do not play the music of the "black" operation around cats, if at all possible, as there are sounds in it that may disturb or frighten them. If you can, it's best to use headphones with this sort of material anyway. Play the "white operation" material for cats instead, as this has as is its intended purpose the healing and soothing of all cats everywhere.