The year – 86 – the initial inspiration of an intelligence far beyond the ken of the young Emerson. the co-conspirators who were not let in on the plans recorded a very different set of sounds.

Raw material of guitar-bass-drums-vox were separated and individually put through tortures – dragged through the Abyss if you will…

Individual sounds and habits were stretched and layered upon themselves. Utilizing two tape decks – an 8-track reel to reel recorder and sounds rerouted through amplifiers and fed again through delays and reverb into the final master. Other unsavory acts committed in the making of this recording shall not be detailed here…

-P. Emerson Williams
Anno 2010 Era Vulgaris

Recorded at puresound studio
Deconstructed and reformulated at 333 studio boston
Originally released to inner circle on cassette
Cassettes were wrapped in painted silk
Mastered at foamin’ south studio
Art and design by P. Emerson Williams

P. Emerson Williams – vox, guitars, keys, tapes, loops
Ned Wahl – bass
Todd Dadaleares – vox
Dennis Creaser – drums
Choronzon – crypt-ovo


Voice 33:30
Storm 44:40

This is where the tone was set for the metal oriented releases. The sound is basically Black Thrash, but the drum machine is introduced and pushed to the limit. The desire to make the fast sections chaotic led to the drum patterns to be full on blast beats, which was not common in 1987. Vicious Thrash punishment is embedded in ritual ambient soundscapes.

Label: Choronzon Self-released
Catalog#: FOAMIN341
Format: Cassette
Country: US
Released: 1987
Genre: Rock
Style: Black Metal


Invocation Avocation

Credits: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Programmed By – P. Emerson Williams

Cassettes were wrapped in painted silk, each one unique.

Recorded live in a cave. Those assembled were not an audience, but active participants in the ritual melee. The recording was captured through a network of ribbon and contact microphones spread throughout and recorded on a vintage 1/4» reel. Cassette copies were run off for participants on the spot and no other distribution happened until this digital remastered edition.

A1 Dispersion – 00:33:32
B1 Dispersion – 00:43:27

Label: Not On Label (Choronzon Self-released)
Catalog#: none
Format: Cassette
Country: US
Released: 1988
Genre: Rock
Style: Ritual Ambient

Cassettes were wrapped in painted silk, each one unique.

Torn Away is a release that was something I thought was lost forever. Thank you pirate people, music traders, torrenters. Due to some odd circumstances, disasters large and small, I have lost any master tapes and copies of several demos over the years. (There remains about 500 hours of music I have yet to master and release. We’ll see.)

Disclosing the circumstances that brought this back to me would compromise the individuals involved and reveal things that need to be hidden until they are writ large in the skies…


So much more…

Track list:

1. Slowly Unfold
2. A.’.A.’.1.1
3. Ravages Outside Time
4. Inner Universe
5. 2012EV
6. Torn Away From Existance

Thirty-three copies were handed out one enchanted evening. All present were anonymous, so when the master tape was lost, I never thought I’d hear this again. I didn’t title this collection, but the original torrenter called it that, so I figured I’d create a cover. Some of you may recall the image.

Year: 1991


1: In My Own Life Blood I Exult To Float
2: Cruel and Epicene
3: Agony and Bliss
4: Visitation of Dread Desire
5: Crossing the Abyss

Length: 00:49:54

The description on the torrent:

This is some very primitive and even more lysergic Black Metal. The final track sounds like tape manipulation done in a parking garage. In comparison to the only publicly traded demo they did before they signed to Nocturnal Art, this is much rawer and less “experimental” and more experimental, if you know what I mean. For the later demo they seemed to be trying to pull in Throbbing Gristle fans with their electronics and cutup arrangements.

I’m guessing that at this point Mr. Williams was just starting to consider making this project something for the market, though the vocals still sound more like incantations from rituals and do not necessarily make for the best rockin’ entertainment.

A very hard tape to get a hold of, as he was still only giving copies to persons present at the event itself. The individual who passed this on to me told me it was recorded in a network of underground caverns under the city of Providence, RI. As with anything that has to do with Choronzon and P. Emerson Williams, there’s no way to verify the stories.

My source for this recording refuses to tell me who he is or how he obtained it. I used to run into people from this strange cult a lot back in the nineties, but they must all be locked away by now.

It was 1994 and CHORONZON had been with me for a long while by this point and informed every part of what I did with the project. Four of the tracks recorded during these sessions went out to ‘zines under the name “Emotional Hunger”, but there was a ton of other material that was shared with closer associates in the form you find here.

In a way, I think the heavy parts work better on this demo than some of the later recordings, due perhaps to the limits of 8-track reel to reel. I was also wearing my Celtic Frost and Voivod influences on my sleeve.

Listen to this back to back with 2010′s Choronzon album “Ziggurat of Dead Shibboleths” and you’ll find there is a consistency of feel and aesthetic. Some of the earlier rawness is returning even as the abyss deepens.

-Towards Chaos


1. Intro
2. Justified Resistance
3. Beyond the Light
4. Wartorn
5. Rust and Oil
6. Maanebesatt
7. Obsession
8. Ukjent av Kaos Trans.I

A Lord of Chaos, Choronzon (whose cabalistic number is 333), has been following me around for a while, ever since I summoned him forth, in the shadow state between dreams and waking. It’s disturbing when something from the land of Morpheus breaks through, and you get a tape from a local band that has named itself (coincidently, of course) after the very demon who has been wreaking havoc in your life. Choronzon (the band) is P. Emerson Williams, also of Veil of Thorns, and he obviously knows the occult arts. I’m assuming he’s a Thelemite, because one of the songs is called “Perdurabo”, a pseudonym of Aleister Crowley’s.

In any case, the music is HEAVY. thick, dark and raging. The songs are a caustic liquid, dripping from my speakers like rivers of fire, howling and shrieking in anger and torment. Drum beats loop on top of one another, twisting themselves into a rope that the music can climb on (although I’m looking forward to when Williams gets a live drummer(s), because for all the creative intricacies in the music, the rhythms are too mechanical at times).

Dense guitar crunch permeates the album, throwing a few technical metal riffs, and the vocals seem to have been ripped from the throat of 333 himself.

If you want to delve into the world of unconscious terror, or think that you’ve heard the deepest and heaviest metal has gotten, get this tape. But be prepared for little “accidents” to follow you around for a while.

-Lex Marburger/Lollipop Magazine

Track List:

Heksene På Lyderhorn
Ukjent Av Kaos
Morgana (Evighet)

Review in Pit Magazine Issue # 28
Choronzon-Magog Agog-Nocturnal Art Productions
Releases like Magog Agog are far and few between here at Pit. Predictability is fairly common on most metal albums. Te strange, psychotic flair of this one definitely doesn’t fit that bill. The first half sounds similar to mechanized aggro-metal, but heavy electronics eliminate a substantial link. The opening track utilizes layering or multi-track technique of instruments and sounds producing a disorienting effect. It almost sounds like a chaotic “test” track,to immediately weed out the nimble minded “brutal” listeners from the adventurous ones. Perdurabo(MagogAgog) follows with aggressive metal tendencies, but warps, explodes and reconstitutes itself from the meshing disarray of sound and structure. Eventually, the material calms down to reveal a black metal musician basking in the electronic light. Be warned! this record is an acquired taste! For the dark eccentric weirdo in the metal crowd only.
-Kurt Hubert
released 25 July 2012

P. Emerson Williams – Vox, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Violin, Cello
Jake Stevens – Guitar
Ruddy Bitch – Drums

Produced By The Foamin’ Bros.

1. Intro (Dust) 03:18
2. Love, Strength; Lies 07:56
3. Perdurabo (Magog Agog) 05:55
4. Under the Leaves 00:53
5. Crimson Awakening 10:18
6. Demon 05:58
7. Void 06:08
8. 333 09:31
9. Choronzon 12:13

ERA VULGARIS remains one of the most notorious of all CHORONZON albums. The natural successor to MAGOG AGOG, their debut (we have the last remaining copies…), with a palpable alien presence throughout that snapped some necks at the time. Thee hallz ov blackmetal at the time were not fortified to handle the vibrations of this futuristic black industrial assault, but the few, the brave sought out its sounds. But even fewer heard all the tracks from the sessions for ERA VULGARIS, some of which were released in an exceedingly rare CD as LARVAE. Copies of ERA VULGARIS go for $40.00 or more, copies of LARVAE are closely guarded and held on to as are copies of the special 2xCD + book edition of PANIC PANDEMIC.

If you pre-order both disc one and disc two, or even the digital version of the ERA VULGARIS KALI YUGA EDITION you will get an immediate download of the entire album. The finishing touches are being put on the accompanying art/lyric/grimoire book for print and ebook editions. The download version directly from PANICMACHINE will contain the ebook and an extensive number of videos and pre-sale purchases of double CD and/or print book come with free download of the album and as with all CD sales this month, you get free download tickets for any of our digital releases through the end of July!
released 23 September 2012

P. Emerson Williams – Vox, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Programming
Ruddy Bitch – Drums
Christopher McClain – Bass on Fortapt (Og Glad)

01. Era Vulgaris 05:40
02. Ritual (Michelle Remembers) 05:50
03. Invocation 07:43
04. Fortapt (Og Glad) 05:41
05. Wickedness 05:15
06. Study in Decay 06:22
07. Puppet 02:45
08. Word is Born 04:03
09. In the Halls 05:00
10. Torn 12:20
11. Larvae 06:18
12. The Madman’s Gaze 04:59
13. No Eternity 04:15
14. Blood Is Not Enough 07:59
15. Aeonic Shift 04:27
16. Era 02:37
17. All Is Lost 05:13
18. They Are All Gone 06:20
19. The Middle Path 04:08
20. Megalith 04:25
22. An Eternity of Night 07:11

2002 saw the release of Psychosis Ex Machina, the shamanic and improvisational chaotic sound-sculpture by Choronzon. Psychosis Ex Machina was a journey further into madness and gnosis than even those who could grok Magog Agog, their 1998 debut on Nocturnal Art Productions and Era Vulgaris, the followup wrapped in myth and lore could have even enticipated.

Chaotic and trance-inducing was the swirling and percussive assault launched on that release by P. Emerson Williams Voland. Displayed was a experimental melding of ethnic percussion, twisted sound scapes and emotionally unhinged vocal invocations. Claustrophobic tunnels of darkness open up into vast churning heavens into which the listeners are thrown.

A decade after the completion of recording Psychosis Ex Machina Choronzon brings an expanded remaster that includes an added 50 minutes of music from the sessions, an ebook and six music videos. The original tracks were revisited, given new mixes and mastering was done by electronic music veteran and avant garde video artist Ferenc Teglas.

Choronzon have always been known as anarchic and occult practtioners of sonic Magickal craft, but previous releases were mere previews of the harrowing scope of Psychosis Ex Machina and now this album has been brought closer to the original, appropriately psychotic vision of its creator. The original single disc alb um was a lot to take in and the cumulative effect of the one hour and fifty-two minute sonic assault with ebook and videos will yield years of gnosis and puzzlement to those who brave its scorched ground.

Born of need and dark desires no person would like to admit to.
released 29 March 2012

P. Emerson Williams – Vox, Guitar, Keyboards, Vio-Lin, Sonic Manipulation, Cello, Cryptovox
Voland – Bass, Screams, Torture

01. Ease (Wrath) 08:42
02. The Enchanting Dead 04:24
03. Crypt-Analysis 07:52
04. Surge of Blood 09:14
05. Crossing I – The 30th Aethyr 03:18
06. Asymmetrical Red Chamber 07:14
07. Crossing II – The 29th Aethyr 04:34
08. Justified 07:19
09. Crossing III – The 28th Aethyr 03:08
10. Ornamental Crypto-Anarchy 15:00
11. Split in Two 05:24
12. Offering 05:32
13. When Drones Find No Warm Targets 08:02
14. Sentient and Out of Fuel 22:22


. Ritual Actions Upon the Externum .

There\’s been a CHORONZON operating in San Francisco, an old-school industrial noise project (Demimonde Mesila Thraam) and a (completely unknown-to-her at time of the first one\’s inception) CHORONZON project of more recent and prolific activity with a unique style merging black metal, goth-rock and industrial noise, originating in Florida (P. Emerson Williams.)

Thraam\’s work had ended after a single release, Zero Divided by Infinity, a DIY cassette of which only nine copies were made and only six sold by consignment before a theft of a suitcase on a Greyhound bus caused its master tape to be lost forevermore.

Around 2003, Ms. Thraam was zipping thisaway and that on the internet one day and discovered that her CHORONZON was not the only one shouting a joyous noise unto the Void.

She was dumbstruck. Surely, though, hers had been first. She contacted P. Emerson Williams and told her story. He wrote her back and explained that his, too, was incepted in the middle of the 1980s. What remained to do?

Thankfully, there was no battle over the name…

The first Choronzon release as the two made one was New World Chaos, an epic two-part album in which one half was directed by Williams and the other half by Thraam; it seemed, though, as if the whole thing were directed by CHORONZON.

In essence, this is three projects: the two as individuals, and the merged unit under the entity’s influence which created a third. Since CHORONZON\’s number is 333 that sounds like Choronzonic math, most definitely.

-Encyclopedia Metallum
released 26 August 2005

Directorship, Armatures, Vox: Demimonde Mesila Thraam

Additive Layerings + Vox: P. Emerson Williams

Visual Art: Demimonde Mesila Thraam, P. Emerson Williams

Cryptovox / Ritual Activation: The Xenodimensional CHORONZON

Additional Textualities: Eianorange, Pvra Dalem


.01. Stretchawake
.02. Atomsweight
.03. Current
.04. Forewarning
.05. Buttonpushers
.06. Obeah : Removing
(a) Graven Owl
(b) Weaving Spiders
.07. Reaping the Whirlwind
.08. Mutagenerator
.09. Enigmatic Theomorphisms
.10. Transduction of Indweller
.11. New World Chaos
(a)Ghost Dance Redux
(b)Revolution 333
.12. Mater Mundi
(Words: Pvra Dalem / Oration: D.M. Thraam)

The music is an entirely new genre: Xeno, meaning “from somewhere else entirely”, and it certainly fits. Choronzon is said to actually create it alongside the two three-dimensional members, and when hearing it, one might not have that hard a time believing it. The sound is a sort of “industrial psychedelia” – or would that be “psychedelic industrial”? – evolving constantly, and containing weird, disembodied, barely imperceptible voices male and female weaving in and out of the noise, voices that seem to say different things upon subsequent listenings. It’s the digital equivalent of “electronic voice phenomenon”, or EVP – that “voices of the dead” trip that was a bit of a fad with the seance- oriented crowd in the early 20th century; Thraam says we can either think of it as some kind of techno-glitch or as the Voice of Choronzon, it matters not. It’s pretty obvious what she thinks.

The other strange thing about this act is the natural disasters. Thraam’s initial project – referred to on the site as “Choronzon West” finished its first album, Zero Divided by Infinity – 45 minutes before the Loma Prieta earthquake which shook her home city of San Francisco to the tune of 7.0 on the Richter Scale. Her occultist friends started giving her wide berth around then, but it was still regarded as “a weird coincidence.” In 2005, the combined Choronzons first opus, a double album called New World Chaos, was completed in the last week of August, 2005 – right before the day Katrina went aground- not only that, but the area struck by the hurricane was positioned right between Choronzons East and West. The two creators must have felt something strange about this, since they devoted several months’ worth of sales to the Katrina relief funds.

New World Chaos is a documentation of several “effectuations” or rituals done as psionic war against the Con (or “Overcontrol”) and included a strike on Bohemian Grove in July (“Weaving Spiders”) and a very weird melding-together of unlikely bedfellows – Tanya Hearst and Karl Rove (“Buttonpushers”.) The other half of the album (Complicity Simplexity) is less meta-political, more metasexual, and seems to revolve around experiences with xenodimensional incubi and succubi (like, perhaps, the namesake, maybe?) “Undergoing Overcoming” stands out hereâ?¦the pounding of a tympani and Williams’ layers of growly cryptic vocals urge on the shivers.

Who knows what these crazies will do next? Or what disaster will subsequently strike once they do it? With all the truly uninteresting music out there, with seemingly no reason to exist, if you seek the truly weird, not the “weird-just- to-get-attention” you will want to look here.

-The High Weirdness Project
released 25 July 2012


. A Vision Based Upon Itself .

Directorship, Armatures + Vox: P. Emerson Williams

Additive Layering, Art + Conceptual Interpretations: Demimonde Mesila Thraam

Cryptovox / Ritual Activation: The Xenodimensional CHORONZON

01. Deliquium 07:00
02. Concentric Circles 02:12
03. Neurosis 04:51
04. Surcease 10:28
05. Undergoing Overcoming 04:30
06. Walls Once Sand are Sand Once More 01:19
07. Thaumaturge 08:32
08. Grace Under Wire 05:27
09. Autonomy 01:53
10. The Fallen Sky 05:35

The first release by CHORONZON on INNER-X-MUSICK. Churning out an ever increasingly bizarre take on Black Metal and Industrial musick, ZIGGURAT OF DEAD SHIBBOLETHS is CHORONZON’s most ambitous release yet. As with every CHORONZON release since the first demo in 1986, the cover features the art of P. Emerson Williams, CHORONZON’s vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. In the past Williams’ work has also graced covers for releases by bands like SLEEPCHAMBER, Rat King, kkoagulaa, Veil of Thorns, Primordial, Katatonia and many more.

“Extreme assaults ov sharp rhythms, dark beats and atmospheres ov aggression. This releases iz a haunting extreme assault musickally fired by CHORONZON!! Who else can create such an original style ov entertainment!!!” – John Zewizz
released 11 October 2005

01. Formula 04:30
02. Identify The Patient 05:07
03. Monoliths Down 04:27
04. Ride Through The Night Sky 03:38
05. Spacedust To Spacedust 06:02
06. The Dead 10:28
07. The Great Work 06:32
08. The Revealing 06:19
09. Vox Humana 06:16
10. We Come Into Evening 05:22
11. Ziggurat of Dead Shibboleths 03:12

Beyond those doors – An outline of execution was heard during the disturbances as an exit from a physical space and the fictional nightmare.

Don’t look too close. In end you’ll believe. A king in Yellow, neurotransmitters extend through quantum states, a POMO economy and culture renders all attemps at understanding and manipulation futile. CHORONZON has found you.

Over the years Choronzon have become known for their thick vortex of blackened ritualistic industrial chaos. P. Emerson Williams has shaped this release the way a sculptor creates art by removing any unneeded element. With FIAT NOX, Choronzon have scaled back the electronics and loops on to where guitars and vocals carry the pieces, except where cellos take over on one piece. Very stripped down, no fx on the guitars. The results are no less of a demonic vortex for this sharpening of focus.

Lyrically, the album centers around pivotal moments. The moment when an empire is in a freefall, the point of evocation when the entity is undoubtedly and fearsomely manifest, when one is on the path and there can be no going back. In the Abyss there is no time, nor space. The only way out is through, and the only way to emerge is to leave yourself there. The biggest crimes are committed with the help of armies and authorities, so freedom has to be declared by the night.

released 06 June 2011

1. Topple the Pillar 04:40
2. Thrown Headlong In 04:58
3. Banishing 05:52
4. Strange Corridors 08:06
5. Called Into Form 06:42
6. Overwhelmed With Pleasure 07:13
7. No Dawn In Sight 10:07
8. Fool’s Feast 08:35
9. Crawl 04:54

“Language is a virus from outer space”
– William S Burroughs

Tactical Magick Technology inhabits the intersection of mind control, occult traditions, dimensional travel and modern myths like aliens, conspiracy, psychic warfare. Through magick and memetics one embed one’s consciousness within egregores to be the proverbial butterfly causing hurricanes while directing ones personal narrative. Events occur and all possibilities play out in new universes birthed at these crossroads.

Tactical Magick Technology breaks down language and the defences of the psyche. Breaking down the psyche as developed through socialization removes the limits of mind and between minds.

Outer space can be from other-space, other dimensions, “space between space”… the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics aligned with quantum tantra. Tactical Magick Technology is when an individual through meditation and ritual simultaneously inhabits all the branching consciousnesses of the alternate selves in each reality. Tactical Magick Technology opens the link to ride the consciousness of all of one’s selves in each universe split off. Since only a small part of what we are is manifest in space-time, the real potential of any action isn’t seen.

released 13 April 2012

1. NOX 210 – Anti-Flesh (The C.H.A.O.S virus) 08:47
2. NOX 210 – Bipolar Psychoalchemy 08:00
3. NOX 210 – Neither Neither 06:54
4. NOX 210 – Insectile Transmutation 10:07
5. CHORONZON – And They Emerged From Their Cocoons And Beheld What Had Been Done in Their Name 09:20
6. CHORONZON – Consciousness Convergence 09:06
7. CHORONZON – Autodidactic Technology 03:26
8. CHORONZON – Cage of Silver (Price of Empire) 05:35

Just in time for the apocalypse and completed as a major storm makes landfall on the US East Coast comes a new album from the chaotes of Choronzon. The Consummation of metanoia is the pain of the psyche growing into new states of being. The Consummation of metanoia is the overwhelming transcendence even of healing to a transformation beyond the human to the essence of being human. A joyful opening to psychosis as means of preparation for easier adaptation. An embrace of fragility as a way to feel the full force of one’s strength.

With ///Consummation//\Metanoia\ Choronzon completes a creative and narrative arc that began with Ziggurat Of Dead Shibboleths. The code of esoteric insight broken, freedom declared under cover of night and now the mind is transformed and chakreas are open. This album is the Veil of Maya lifting as the inner being is revealed after many lifetime’s of journey through war and illusion.

released 05 November 2012

P. Emerson Williams – Guitar, Vox, Cryptovox, Sequencing
Ferenc Teglas – Standup Bass, Percussion, Synth
BALEYYG – Aural Manipulations, Ambientia
The Xenodimensional CHORONZON – Cryptovox / Ritual Activation

Recorded on two continents over the course of a week
Mixed at Abulafia Studio
Mastered By Ferenc Teglas

01. Transversion of The Three Worlds 08:04
02. System Uncertainty 04:58
03. Open Wide The Door 06:24
04. The Decay Of Control 06:13
05. Procession Of Underworld Multitudes 06:09
06. Luminous Apparition 06:06
07. Uncovering 05:08
08. Cognitive Execution 06:00
09. Balances Of Vision 06:28
10. Tiphareth 05:30

released 13 January 2013

Invasive Vortex is a blast of female sexuality which manages to be female without being “feminine”. Its scathing central point gouges out the limiting barriers that traditionally-rooted definitions of female sexuality have wrapped around it to the point of choking out a huge portion of its true spectrum…and explodes in a rush of xenodimensionally activated mind-climax riding on a current of force that Ms. Thraam calls “slasm”. Most of this work is fairly aggro, but it has some softer moments too, like the entrancing “Lorelei” featuring the vocals and music of the beautiful enigma that is 1351.

Directorship, Armatures, Vox: Demimonde Mesila Thraam

1351 Appears on “Invasive Vortex” and “Lorelei”.
Eianorange Appears on “Invasive Vortex” and “UnderOver”.
The Accuser Appears on “Invasive Vortex” and “UnderOver”.

Visual Art: Demimonde Mesila Thraam

1. The Thousand-Faced Moon 01:45
2. Invasive Vortex (Lamashtu) 12:21
3. Lilith Twisting 03:17
4. UnderOver (Your Force, My Form) 06:18
5. Succubus X 02:36
6. Torque Serpent 02:41
7. A Wink From Behind Time 03:10
8. Lorelei 02:37

Black Cat Operation by Choronzon

Part One of the Choronzon Cat Operations of 2014 represents the first time the project engaged in an actual “black magick” effectuation. The target: the deranged human vermin who torture, mutilate and murder cats – for fun, an illusion of power, and/or just the shocked attention of others. Never has there been an album like Black Cat Operation, and never shall there be another. For this working, the xenodimensional CHORONZON joins with the Cat Mother-Goddess BAST to effectuate nothing less than extermination of cat abuse–or else, extermination of cat abusers! PLEASE NOTE that this album contains sound effects that are likely to disturb felines, so if any are present, the project asks that it be listened to only through headphones – or at very least, a low volume.

Released 1 January 2015

White Cat Operation by Choronzon

Part Two of the Choronzon Cat Operations of 2014 is the “white magick” element of the effectuation. The sonic content here actually IS a direct agent in causing the effect, in addition to being a documentation of magick caused by the invisible, unhearable forces of CHORONZON and BAST. This means that the goal – healing cats who have been abused or are suffering any form of stress – can be reached by playing this album in the presence of cats. (It has been tested for response from multiple cats before release.) The set is an ambient homage to feline brightness, beginning with the purring elation of “Mamamilk” and walking through a day in the life of a contented cat…then, closing with an ode to the Choronzon West “studio cat”, Urrow…”Forever Home”, in which Demimonde Mesila Thraam tells the story of how she came to find her dear friend in a few lines that will warm any “cat person’s” heart. People and cats alike will find this to be the warmest, most gentle thing Choronzon has probably ever produced…

Released 1 January 2015

Capeditiea joins us on “Kitty Kat Revolution” and “Wired On Catnip”.
Big City Orchestra join us on “Kitty Kat Revolution”, “Xenodimensional Warrior Cats” and “The Purge”.


React or Respond?