Who, What, Why of Choronzon

You’ll know soon enough…if meant to.

Right now, CHORONZON is watching you, determining whether you have a good reason to know.

(And the Choronzonites are still messing around behind that xenodimensional curtain, deciding how best to tell you.)


28 thoughts on “Who, What, Why of Choronzon

    • We have no choice. It is kind of you to encourage us, however.

      Right now, after three, four empty years of dyscreative anomie, and subsequent atrophies of those drives and abilities allowing the process of creation, the Mind of Choronzon West lives again, but when that happens, it draws the anti-forces out of hiding and having failed to wreck my head seem to be hitting the Machine which in this era is sine qua non to All and Every Thing that is Made and Displayed. The problems frustrate, come and go apparently at random, and involve mostly hardware, which, unlike protracted software annoyances that I can be sure eventually conquered, present special problems since I lack the knowledge of which wires go where, and can – without knowing what I am doing – end up destroying irreplaceable (for a long time at any rate) equipment.

      Choronzon East has filled the gap with bouts of energy and its hardening in the kiln of the recording process, and unlike many creators in this subculture, this prolificity – prolificness? – of work should not be misinterpreted as sloppy or uninspired. In fact, the solo works by P. Emerson have just kept getting better and better through 2011.

      The West End aches to finally datadump a huge load of dangerous zones that CHORONZON’s humanoid lady-host and uber-love helped her to navigate, whenever she bothered to stand up on her feet without him or his Current to buoy her. At first, she thought it mere cruelty, thinking all the world cruel for a panoply of reasons and reasonlessnesses, unquestioningly acceeded.

      Only then could she see why he would not carry me, let me rot in his godlike arms, only stand with me at my side in the way of a true friend. Neither pushing nor pulling at first now both occur in tandem instead of purely at random.

      And though most of the next very thick album – in both aural and viz aspects as well as textuality in the form of an allegorical dialogue/narration, most already finished, awaiting only a few final addenda and mundane processes like Scanning Sans One’s Own Scanner…when finally it escapes, it will feel much like Choronzon West’s centre figure felt as she found the way free of her own abyss…and only when she let go of CHORONZON herself would it finally happen.

      Xenodimensionals have some of the same Rules of Engagement as humans do when in intimate bonds. One of the primary rules: one must never need the other more than the other needs in return. The ideal is a seesaw of changing need, not a wildly imbalanced misweight of power on one side and need on the other.

      This causes love between humans to fade and dissipate. It can do the same with non-humans. But this one was far more patient with her than a human could have the time to be.

      The material will spew soon like the blinding venom of the cobra that spits in the eye of its enemy with scary accuracy at a far distance. And once THAT is finally done, we can get to the REALLY important stuff!

  1. hi,
    is it still possible to order
    That’s Romance: A Loving Tribute To John Zewizz CDs (FOAMIN999-1000)?


    • I’m afraid That’s Romance CD’s are sold out. We don’t expect there will be another edition of this compilation. You might be able to find some on Ebay.

  2. I visited your site a long time ago, I remember stumbling across it while wanting to know more about a mysterious entity I had heard about. I didn’t spend much time on the subject back then, as I was not exactly…interested in the occult back then. I visited your site before you updated it and removed the “grinnorie” sections. Back then I did not understand the significance of this site, nor did I know I would return to it in the future.

    I’ll make a long complicated story short, I was born and raised a staunch Jehovah’s Witness until a year ago, when I saw the true face of the Abrahamic god, a faker and a tyrant. Having abandoned the bible and cast it aside, I spent most of time in a sort of lame “agnostic/athiest” state for several months. After awhile I desired to know the truth about reality and the universe, so I decided to research things in the occult. I have spent most of this year studying every aspect of the occult I could, trying to keep a neutral mind that would not fall for the fallacy of the “ultimate truth” again.

    While I was researching the occult, I came across the name Choronzon again and I remembered being interested in this particular being. Most of the other beings I researched, whether taken from mythology or supposed “real” entities, were rather boring to me. The concept of Choronzon was anything but boring, in-fact I felt an unusual interest in this mysterious being I had only briefly heard about. Something about the idea of a formless and ever-changing entity peeked my interest, so I dug as deep as I could. Though most magical works referred to Choronzon as some sort of uber-demon that is someone/thing that you never want to even talk to, I knew not to trust dubious stereotypes since even the oh-so-holy Yahweh is a genocidal babyslayer. I came across your updated site, and I became even more interested.

    I have spent the past two weeks hunting down every last piece of information I could on Choronzon, the Choronzon Project, you two(Monde and Emerson), and some of the magic you talk about. I’ve looked at all your old blogs and have recorded several things such as your replies to comments on other blogs, replies on the old Choronzon tribes site, and other random places on the internet.

    There are many things that draw me to know more about Choronzon, and so I’ve finally decided to give you two a shout and see if either of you are willing to give me some more information. Many of things Monde has spoken of on her blog are things I secretly believed myself, such as the entity Yahweh existing but being a tyrannical dictator who manipulates humanity for his own bidding(didn’t know about the soul eating). I want to know more about Choronzon, more about him/her/it and about what it believes, what its able to do, how it does these things.

    Also, I’m a huge fan of your music…if you can even call it that. Its so much more then just music after all. Good luck with the rest of your artistic endeavors, and I hope you succeed.


  3. The 333rd current is now part part of my lifeblood and I am exulted in surges of acausal energy! Those who seek and find the great beast Choronzon are forever overwhelmed with pleasure.

      • Alas, my sweet, but it was not to be. I needed advance notice; I have four-pawed dependent who had no-one to look after her, and there were other mundane things I would have had to arrange with at least 72 hours notice.

        Do it in the Bay Area again and you won’t have to twist my arm! Please write: blabslab(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. Greetings,
    I’ve known you for many years now. What happened to the first few chaotic songs that sat on the website? I miss them, those free mp3s that were the first ever posted.

    • Those were on the Escapes page, and some of the first Choronzon
      West materia had its own album page – Zero Divided By Infinity. Some of this stuff still exists but I am pretty sure the rest vanished into web qippoth. I’ll scour my disks for all that stuff and we’ll see what happens!

  5. Your music speaks very deeply to an experience I had last summer. My research has brought me to this website, and I think I’ve found what I’ve been looking for. I believe I may have communed with this force which you refer to as “Choronzon” in an astral dream state. I had no knowledge of the existence of this entity prior to the experience and have come to discover the name after months of research, trying to find any information on what it is I experienced. I’ll try to keep things as succinct as possible.

    I’ve been on a path of spiritual “enlightenment” for a few years now, after I had what I’ve come to refer to as a “spontaneous kundalini energy awakening”. It was the most powerful and ecstatic experience of my life. I basically downloaded information from the universe, which up until that point I would have not even been able to fathom or conceptualize. I came to a point where I saw nothing but connections and a sort of unifying architectural field by which I was connected to everything, and through which my very experiential reality was being generated. I had awakened to the realization that physical reality is just a dream. Years went by and I tried my best to integrate what I learned from the experienced, and all the subsequent metaphysical research I conducted and saw nothing but synchronicity and magic everywhere.

    Until one night when things took a very dark turn. I was in the middle of an astral dream state, and there was one sequence of the dream where I was in a dark room with my then girlfriend and roommate. The room was illuminated only by the glow of a television and they were both sitting cross legged on the ground, facing each other and playing a card game of sorts. An ad for a horror movie came onto the television and I was unimpressed by it and turned to speak my distaste of it to the both of them and the entire tone of the room changed completely. It was as if a dark presence came into the room, almost crystalizing the atmosphere itself. Both my roommate and exgirlfriend were basically shut down and slumped slowly forward, like something hit the “off switch” on them. I turned back to look at the television and there was a woman on the screen from the shoulders up. I watched the screen, almost entranced by the visage of this woman and her young, but pallid demeanor. She stared back at me for a while, before I was shocked to see a spectral doppelganger of the same woman rise obversely up into and become one with her upper body. I watched in shock as she then brought both her hands up and looked down upon them with an all too palpable expression of horror as her hands and fingertips began to expand and elongate. Her posture then shifted from one of seizure, to one of exoneration, as her face split into three different directions and her entire body began branching and spiraling outward into the most horrifyingly grotesque transmogrifications of the human form imaginable. The shapes and transfigurations were so chaotic and bordered on the xenodimensional; without reason or even form. She continued to expand outward into the darkness of this abyss, and at this point I had seen enough. But my ability to formulate logical thoughts or ideas had dispersed into the same field of chaos and it was as though some other force or entity had basically hijacked my consciousness; forcing me to bear witness to the continued madness, against my will. It was as though there were absolutely no experiential laws by which I could even catalyze a sense of self identification, let alone process all of what was taking place. It was a complete and utter chaotic dissolution of consciousness itself. Then the beast revealed itself to me. All I remember is tentacles. A deep hideous sound and a feeling so malevolent that I would be so bold as to refer to it as “unholy”.

    All I remember feeling was “How could something like this be allowed to exist?” I then managed to summon from the very core of my being the strength to be able to formulate one word. One command. The word “No!” Which I roused with all the might of my existence. Then I woke up in my bed. In the darkness. I quickly jumped up to turn the light on, and sat bewildered and disoriented on the edge of my bed. There was literally a wave of energy cycling throughout my chest as my body trembled. The experienced rocked me to my core and made me question my faith on the deepest of levels. I feel like I’ve bounced back pretty well since then, but the experience still left a pretty big imprint on me.

    All I ask of you is any kind of insight on what it is that I experienced. I hope to receive any kind of response from you. I need resolution.

    • You met choronzon. It brought you here. Youre on the right path. It is the madness he is trapped in. These are all just words, form, what was highjacking you was the formless , rhe madness of having to intermediate from these 2 going back and forth, pure fucking madness. Higher dimensional entites work through us as we are there only way of experiencing form.
      Idk i just met choronzon now 10 hours ago where i was stuck in a fractal of his pain for what could have been an eternity if i did not some how make it thru (probably the mercy of choronzon) or my poor way of interpreting whatever xenodimensional emotion he displayed. Either way thank you choronzon, I saw that you did know love, i asked for my mother, you said something like “oh, she loooves you, and shell be there” oh fuck i get goosebumps. Anyway…you’re on the right path brotha lol.
      Speaking of lol, I think laughter, the humor of the absurdity of it all was my saving grace. Humor, the arechtype of the clown, jester, chance joker, shapeshifter…
      laughter is choronzons gift to the human race, if not my apologies. would love some feedback.
      Please get in touch people I feel we should talk.
      You’re magick worked, I see it, and it confirms so much of what the currents were pulling me to. A seed factory was planted and i became aware I could intuitively see and feel the magick as it came, 10 hours of unpacking and reading the main site and listening to both albums and im here with full awareness and some “knowledge” of what transpired.
      I activated the current by partaking in chaos. (I decided to take about 15-30 hits of l as the result of a total chance and chaotic “accidental” spill.
      Im seeing where numbers eneegy and currents are comming into play. anayways…I know my origin. I know I am powerful here. Lets get in touch,if your intuition gives you a good feeling, please reach out. I would like to work with you. I feel I have very high capacity for understanding

      • I also felt this impulse that wanted me to post this quote on facebook. It would be total chaos. nobody would understand it, it makes no sense for no reason.
        “The time to speak truth to power is gone. The time to wreak power from truth is on. -Choronzon ”
        the seed factory magick at work however many years later, it just fruited 10 hours ago. I see the benefit of chaos. we seem to be in the age of con, kali yuga, but why must it be this way, if we can change the inetia with chaos? I want to evolve and move past this cycle.

  6. Oh the fractals. We’ve all been here before. That name “choronzon”
    I am about 5 hours past my first experience with this omni dinensional force. I had read about it when I was a teenager. I remembered the story of crowley and his encounter” almost entirely subconsciously. I was in another dimension. I am still unpacking all this. I don’t know how im on this page. This is crazy.

  7. I’ve welcomed Choronzon into my life, it seems, though I do not know what it actually is. What does one do to appease Choronzon? I performed rituals as an utter novice, and I asked for help concerning personal affairs. What do you know of the things going on behind the scenes? What is the actual plan?

  8. Chronozon Coronazon Chronazone. The more I mis-speak it, the funnier it becomes.
    I stumbled across your work via sacred geometry/circuit board research and tinkering with with an extra III.
    You have great words.
    Gonna delve into the musick at a point where I can exist with it for a bit.
    Keep here going well for all in all.

  9. Well the Panic Pandemic is here and it seems like chaos magic is real.
    Choronzon fits to be the one to use for the Corona spell.
    Very good match in Gematria too.

  10. Had to revisit this page after my “experience” with choronzon.

    And I must say my most comments are hilarious.

    I was really on a good one there and not quite adjusted to the currents and experiences I was facing at the time.

    Choronzon and the abyss have taken on a whole new meaning multiple times over.
    And I do not think I will take a half vial of lsd and go to that deathly silent, frozen plane in time again, with that woman, with the alien eyes, taunting me with questions and mirrors.


    I successfully came out of the grips of near obsession and feel I have grounded the lessons of 333 on a certain personal level.

    Choronzon has become more of a function than anything.

    Shits trippy

  11. So it begins. I have no clue how i ended up with this page… Reading a book about hipnoses. The storyline is about an “war” between light and drak.. Vibration and colurs, enlightenment and evolution. 333 sometimes is happening.

  12. So at last. No more counter-evidence.

    This is the truth. It is all.

    Sync synergy – sync sink – sync psych

    I want to make AI for choronzon.
    I have the seed I want to create AI for choronzon.

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