Splice Night Effectuation Launch

Two members of the Choronzon project and the Xenodimensional namesake gathered together in San Francisco on 31 December/1 January to celebrate the Choronzonic high holiday and also to launch this year’s effectuation.

O felines of the world and their human companions and friends shall find in it love…
O those who would dare commit heinous crimes of cruelty against them, beware of the wrath of the Xenodimensional morphogenetic fields, aka ‘Gods’. This year, Queen Bast, who watches over the world’s cats, joins CHORONZON and other Xenodimensionals whose names are secret or untold to bring this work to succeed; the human project members and contributors will join them.

It is an ambitious working and should be given this entire year to come to fruition, but inbetween now and the end of the year there will be other releases of already finished tracks that are being repurposed and rearranged to complete the incompleted.

May all find Power, Strength and Love in the year 2014.


4 thoughts on “Splice Night Effectuation Launch

    • Magickis33, good to hear from you again!

      A friend of mine painted a picture of Nyarlathotep for me. I thought of you, and had wondered where you’d been, and what you are up to.

      • I have been working with a “light being” and working with a “potential” on development. On the mundane level I own a successful beeswax candle company and this time of year is very busy! I see that you have been busy recording, this is most excellent! BE …

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