Choronzon and Battle Magick

New World Chaos

New World Chaos

The following is a letter that appeared in issue 270 of Fortean Times in answer to the article “The Magical Battle of Britain” which appeared in Fortean Times issue 267.

Normally, the attention we get via conspiracy/anomaly/reptilian spotters is fearful and negative, so it’s good to have a little understanding.

Iraq War Workings

In “The Magical Battle of Britain” [ FT267:34-41], Dave Evans and David Sutton ask: Who, if anyone, is doing magic regarding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to what ends?”

I came across the following snippet on the internet, in a comment about the (unrelated but spooky) “Wyoming Incident” TV interception hoax:

“In occult circles, the number 333 is associated with an “entity” (which exists if you believe in it, and does not if you do not) called “Choronzon”. It was once described in various magickal texts (notably by Aleister Crowley) as a demon that is the “most dreaded of all the forces of evil”. There are others who find Choronzon more complex and interesting the a “devil”. Two of them decided to use the name for a project…..a music project, though it’s more than just a band. I believe these videos might be a bit of fallout from that project even though their creators do not likely know this (unless someone told them!)

“a few years ago, there was an extended “working” called New World Chaos…in which these two individuals- one based in California, one in Florida- enacted a program for this entity Choronzon to follow….one that was supposed to bring about various subtle changes to the subconscious American under-mind.



“Essentially, various cultural fabrics of the USA were to become unravelled- particularly the ones involved with mindless patriotism and monotheism. Other threads were to knit themselves. It was all supposed to implant via this entity Choronzon- or just the idea, maybe?- into the country’s mass mind.

“The event had many results. There was a distinct anti-Bushist slant to this particular work and so it is rather interesting to note that the House resolution to impeach Bush ended up being H.R. 333. The year that the ritual was done was the year Katrina happened and that point the tide of public opinion, which had run in majority favor of Bush and of the war in Iraq, did turn, in that year, to the opposite pole. It is one of the most successful magickal workings in recent times, and these hoax videos are yet more evidence that there was some effect, albeit scattered, from the strange doings of this pair. It makes one wonder what could happen were they truly focused….or if there were more individuals involved.”

James Hedges

Written in response to This article.


ATOMSWEIGHT Al-Zalzalah: THE EARTHQUAKE When Earth is shaken with her final earthquake And Earth discharges her burdens, And mankind says: What is wrong with her ? That day, she will relate her news, Because your Lord inspires her. That day, people will be separated into categories to be shown the results of their deeds. And whoever does an atom's weight in good will see it then, And whoever does an atom's weight in evil will see it then. from the Q'uran

One thought on “Choronzon and Battle Magick

  1. I think it might be time to go on the offensive again. The thing about the Nullworld album is that it’s very introverted and though it does have a Purpose for others outside of myself, and expressing my own agonies and angsts (although that was how the music started, which was perhaps what made me dissatisfied with it until I was able to slot it, with CHORONZON’s help, into this other context that reveals THE ONLY WAY to deal with such a strangely hellish form of asylum as “Nullworld” – the state of complete non-emotionality. Surely I am not the only one who has experienced the loss of a very long relationship under confusing circumstances causing loss of more than one person’s love and trust.

    I wish I had taken your path and continued to vary my art with paper and pencil and marker and not relied on computers since 1995 to make everything you’ve ever seen me do. The “Zeemtha Meets Chaos” cartoon which appeared in an old IAO CORE mag is the style this thing needs, nothing else fits, and the last time I drew like that I was about 23 years old. It sends me into near-tears to scrub a page to unusability trying to erase something too many times. But one day, at a free-for-all art salon the Isabel held, I managed to draw the house goddess Bella with a small white canvas and a black marker without even using a pencil, and the social worker was so impressed she hung it in her office.

    I know I can do this.

    When I can finally put this one behind me, some sort of offensive maneuver against the sick, sad, sorry alliance of the corporatists and the Christianists needs doing. Another offensive called for is an end to pseudoliberalism, which has only ruined the good things about the balance to out-of-control conservatism…the problem is divided between the “So-Called Liberal Who Favours No Free Choice”, the people who want to actually pass laws outlawing cigarettes and trans-fats “because it’s healthy” are only pro-choice when it comes to reproductive rights…and then what happens when America elects a so-called liberal PRESIDENT who talks smooth and makes more promises than YAHWEH ITSELF. It ruins the reputation and belief in the things I think of as my philosophic social world view. People stop trusting hippie types when a bunch of them are running around failing on purpose, it would almost seem.

    It’s a different fear factor in the air than I felt in ’05. Could anything be worse than the 8 years of Bush Jr. and Cheney? The torture and war continue, but everyone’s GIVEN UP that it will ever be affectable, reduceable or endable. I think I used to fear making another album because of the disasters, but sometimes I think earthquakes and hurricanes and tsunamis are the only things that make people drop their tribe-identity and become basic survival-oriented humans, with rich willing to cooperate with poor.

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