The Cat Operations

East meets West again in this dual effectuation that runs the gamut from blinding hate to absolute love.

The visual and textual accompaniment is here.

6 thoughts on “The Cat Operations

  1. This is like nothing ever before created. I want to know more about what came about after the ritual. I will write you a private mail because I think maybe some aspect of it affected a terrible person in my area and I want to know if this area was part of the “curse” of the BLACK CAT OPERATION. I wont go into detail here because it is disturbing and I do not wish to give you or your friends trauma. But possibly your magick has done its work… The WHITE CAT OPERATION also apparently helped my friend who was trying to make friends with a very troubled feral and I told her to send you the story so if she did pls tell me.
    Blessed Be,

    • Dear FF,

      So sorry for the lateness of my reply – I have been through some heavy medical situations this summer, but I am all right now. It was truly wonderful to read every word of what you told us! I can also confirm from my end that there were results from this effectuation which have shown that the combined forces of CHORONZON and BAST have worked as planned and in some areas gone even further than hoped for. We would really love to hear your friend’s story about the feral…we haven’t received it yet. Try sending to my currently active address: blabslab@gmail {dot} com as it would truly make my day/week/month etc. May you and your feline companions be blessed by both CHORONZON and Mother BAST! We are very happy to hear that in all 50 states, an act of animal cruelty against a cat has been declared a felony! Hopefully this will help mitigate the terrible behavioural situation and help prevent the torture of cats in the USA over the years to come!
      All the very best to you,
      Demimonde Mesila Thraam

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