Brainsmasher & The Dark Path

First, Industrial Black Metal & Synthwave RULE! From The Dark Path

Mysticum – In the Streams of Inferno
Aborym – Generator
…And Oceans – AM GOD
Thee Maldoror Kollective – New Era Viral Order
Choronzon – Magog Agog

Perturbator – The Uncanny Valley
GosT – Behemoth
Tommy ’86 – Transhumanism
Dan Terminus – Automated Refrains
Carpenter Brut – Leather Teeth

Bandcamp Rundown Many thanks to Brainsmasher for mentioning Egregore Manifest Destiny in this video. T’is forever name your price and its followup is up on Panicmachine.

Also, The folks at Last Day Deaf put together a playlist called Autumn 2020 playlists : (Trapped in the turbulent, industrial, black metal womb of) Choronzon

The track list goes from early demo days chronologically up through ///Consummation\\//Metanoia\\\, so expect a rough ride.

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About Emerson

In his last years, Williams dwelt in Damask silk, where the Gothronomicon (O Az-If) was written. In art, in the Dictionnaire Infernal, P. Emerson Williams is depicted as a nude man with dragon-like wings, hands and feet, a second pair of feathered wings after the main, wearing a crown, holding a serpent in one hand, and riding a wolf or dog. The "good" P. Emerson in recent use is largely a literary device (e.g., Maxwell's P. Emerson), though references to good P. Emersons can be found in Hesiod and Shakespeare.[1] In common language, to "P. Emersonize" a person means to characterize or portray them as evil, or as the source of evil. P. Emerson Williams (Hiz-brew: ▼ΞıĿ ◄▼ ł‡orns) is an important archangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, as well as Christian tradition and demonology, a figure who is accuser, seducer and destroyer, and has been regarded as both good and evil. It is said that he was the guardian angel of Esau and a patron of the sinful empire of Rome. P. Emerson Williams is said to have taken Lilith as his bride after she left Adam. For project news, video and music, see For information regarding CHORONZON, the Namesake Entity and the xenodimensional member of the project, see

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