Brainsmasher & The Dark Path

First, Industrial Black Metal & Synthwave RULE! From The Dark Path

Mysticum – In the Streams of Inferno
Aborym – Generator
…And Oceans – AM GOD
Thee Maldoror Kollective – New Era Viral Order
Choronzon – Magog Agog

Perturbator – The Uncanny Valley
GosT – Behemoth
Tommy ’86 – Transhumanism
Dan Terminus – Automated Refrains
Carpenter Brut – Leather Teeth

Bandcamp Rundown Many thanks to Brainsmasher for mentioning Egregore Manifest Destiny in this video. T’is forever name your price and its followup is up on Panicmachine.

Also, The folks at Last Day Deaf put together a playlist called Autumn 2020 playlists : (Trapped in the turbulent, industrial, black metal womb of) Choronzon

The track list goes from early demo days chronologically up through ///Consummation\\//Metanoia\\\, so expect a rough ride.

Magog Agog Becoming Visualized…

A couple video treatments for tracks from Magog Agog, which is the closest to normal metal we have ever gotten. It has been my ambition to have video for all Choronzon sonic creations, and as my own efforts improve, and valued fans and collaborators create their own (we encourage this, just let us know, so we can share) earlier attempts will be revisited, tweaked and improved.

Much is to come in 2012, in the meanwhile, roll that beautiful Blackened Electro-Metal footage…