New Split Release With BALEYYG – Arcanum Ab Chao

Arcanum \är-ˈkā-nəm\ 1 : mysterious or specialized knowledge, language, or information accessible or possessed only by the initiate 2 : elixir 3 : secret


Chao \ˈkā-ˌä\ 1 : complete confusion and disorder : a state in which behavior and events are not controlled by anything, a state of things in which chance is supreme; especially : the confused unorganized state of primordial matter before the creation of distinct forms — the state of the universe before there was any order and before stars and planets were formed
b : the inherent unpredictability in the behavior of a complex natural system (as the atmosphere, boiling water, or the beating heart) c : a confused mass or mixture

From before and outside time as pure potential, manifest beneath and througout every phenomenon of existence and the medium that only through which any action being is possible. What is encoded within these sounds is hidden from those who have no direct experience in working the current of chaos, but for the initiated, the keys to the mysteries are extended with a generous proffering hand. With Arcanum Ab Chao, Baleyyg and Choronzon come together to open up a sonic space that clears away the veneer of control to show the chaos of destruction and creation hid within. Fans of Choronzon will remember the arcane and intense material Baleyyg contributed to the 2012 Choronzon release ///Consummation//\\ Metanoia\\\.

Arcanum Art Detail - P. Emerson Williams

Arcanum Art Detail – P. Emerson Williams

“For this split-release with Choronzon we have provided 1 monolithic track, 35 minutes in length, titled ‘Stemmeløse’.” states Baleyyg, “The translation of this word from Norwegian into English means ‘Voiceless’. We have never attempted to define or render any sort of explanation of the sonic narratives within Baleyyg material. The inner-secret to the experience is to let oneself follow the sound-art where it shall lead, one shall know when the portals open and are ‘activated’ when the many other layers and hidden elements within the track come into “view” as one experiences it.”

Arcanum Art Detail - P. Emerson Williams

Arcanum Art Detail – P. Emerson Williams

“We have done very few split releases through the years”, says Choronzon chaote P. Emerson williams, “but when we do we see it as a way of combining with artists to create a work that in total is more than a sum of its parts. Arcanum Ab Chao continues this practice and takes it further.”

NOX 210/Choronzon – Tactical Magick Technology

NOX 210 / Choronzon - Tactical Magick Technology

NOX 210 / Choronzon – Tactical Magick Technology

On this split release one finds a range of approaches to the realm of Choronzonic sonics that expands on what had been done previously. Tactical Magick Technology is a concentrated musical and magickal operation that has already woven its tentacles well beyond our immediate sphere. As a sonic whole, the two parts complement each other in a very powerful way.

“Language is a virus from outer space”
– William S Burroughs


Tactical Magick Technology inhabits the intersection of mind control, occult traditions, dimensional travel and modern myths like aliens, conspiracy, psychic warfare. Through magick and memetics one embed one’s consciousness within egregores to be the proverbial butterfly causing hurricanes while directing ones personal narrative. Events occur and all possibilities play out in new universes birthed at these crossroads.

Tactical Magick Technology breaks down language and the defences of the psyche. Breaking down the psyche as developed through socialization removes the limits of mind and between minds.



Outer space can be from other-space, other dimensions, “space between space”… the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics aligned with quantum tantra. Tactical Magick Technology is when an individual through meditation and ritual simultaneously inhabits all the branching consciousnesses of the alternate selves in each reality. Tactical Magick Technology opens the link to ride the consciousness of all of one’s selves in each universe split off. Since only a small part of what we are is manifest in space-time, the real potential of any action isn’t seen.

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This release unites the magickal currents of NOX 210 and Choronzon into a single theme and focus. The sum total of the experience flows in its own harrowing way, implanting its alien intelligence deep within your psyche.




NOX 210 is the Night of pan, transubstantiation of ecstasy, madness, obsession, aberrations and self transformative process into the nothingness… A meta-program living sigil incarnated though such psychotic states where nothing exists, just manifested in a sensorial space where the NOX 210 aspect grows and mutates into such complex and obsessive fragments gathered under the influx of paradigmatical essences!! welcome to hidden transmissions where NOX 210 is the center of vortex, the Zero point intersection of neither-neither world!!! This project was created as NULL, but due the great Japanese act with the same name, we changed the name to NOX 210!!!!




Choronzon was originally an Occult ritual persona Used by P. Emerson Williams (Veil of Thorns, kkoagulaa) to explore the 333 current. Performances in the late -80’s and throughout the -90’s were by invite only and for initiates only. Choronzon released of a series of self produced cassettes, ranging from recorded rituals to black-thrash assaults to industrial soundscapes. In 1998 Choronzon signed to the record label Nocturnal Art Productions in 1998, and released the album Magog Agog. Since that time, Choronzon has remained in front of the collective consciousness, exploring space between space in ever stranger realms on each release.


In 2002, P. Emerson Williams’ Choronzon and Demimonde Mesila Thraam’s Choronzon  became aware of each other, and agreed to share use of the name, individually and collectively, making three in one.


Prior to the merging of Choronzons, the East Coast Choronzon released of a series of self produced cassettes before being signed to the record label Nocturnal Art Productions in 1998, and released the album Magog Agog. Three more albums followed, in which the sound moved further away from conventional black metal into industrial and experimental territories. The first release from the conjoined Choronzon was the double album New World Chaos, produced in 2005, whose recording was completed mere hours before Hurrican Katrina made landfall.


The totality of CHORONZON’s oeuvre encompasses a single hypersigil.


///Consummation//\\Metanoia\\\" title=

I was set to be on an adventure most peripatetic for this month, but it turned out that the current had something else growing, something that revealed itself only when those who were moved to jump in with me came through with their parts of the vortextual effectuational aural spectacle released this week.

Getting ready for a string of shows had me retreating from the outer world with my guitar and, as always when I spend quality time with an instrument, the massive love for playing guitar of old was rekindled. Add to this the standup bass of Ferenc Teglas and BALEYYG wielding storms of demonic sonics, the Choronzonic Bacchanalia of glossolalia flow was not to be controlled.

There’s a wall to wall video treatment created for this as well. DVD and book, and for those ready to receive a xenotransmission straight through the third eye is delivered.


11/05/2012 – As they round out the twenty-sixth year mark in their career, experimental Industrial Blackmetal act CHORONZON continue to build on an ever expanding pallette with their most varied, unusual and harrowing release to date.

Just in time for the apocalypse and completed as a major storm makes landfall on the US East Coast comes a new album from the chaotes of Choronzon. The Consummation of metanoia is the pain of the psyche growing into new states of being. The Consummation of metanoia is the overwhelming transcendence even of healing to a transformation beyond the human to the essence of being human. A joyful opening to psychosis as means of preparation for easier adaptation. An embrace of fragility as a way to feel the full force of one’s strength.

With ///Consummation//\\Metanoia\\\ Choronzon completes a creative and narrative arc that began with Ziggurat Of Dead Shibboleths. The code of esoteric insight broken, freedom declared under cover of night and now the mind is transformed and chakras are open. This album is the Veil of Maya lifting as the inner being is revealed after many lifetime’s of journey through war and illusion.

Choronzon are opening up to yet another set of unexplored worlds on this, featuring electric standup bass, keys and percussion from Ferenc Teglas and the multiversal soundscapes of BALEYYG. “We gathered through astral projection to a pre-determined catacomb to generate the sounds by spectral means.” Says Choronzon chaote P. Emerson Williams on the process of creating ///Consummation//\\Metanoia\\\. “Between the three of us we really tapped into multiple streams.” declares Ferenc Teglas. “I got to experience the 333 current as a whispering voice in the distance. This is a very unique album.” Says BALEYYG.

///Consummation//\\Metanoia\\\ is released by PANICMACHINE and will be available from iTunes and other major digital retailers in December. Look for a book that completes and sums up the trilogy to come later this month along with a DVD version of ///Consummation//\\Metanoia\\\.



  1. Transversion Of The Three Worlds
  2. System Uncertainty
  3. Open Wide The Door
  4. The Decay Of Control
  5. Procession Of Underworld Multitudes
  6. Luminous Apparition
  7. Uncovering
  8. Cognitive Execution
  9. Balances Of Vision
  10. Tiphareth


Review From Terra Relicta Magazine:

Published on Tuesday, 06 November 2012 18:32

…What about the music on this album? It’s difficult to put it in any mould. Of course it’s black, but is it metal? It’s also industrial and ambiental, it has doomy elements and lot’s of electronics and noise, there is a lot of drone and sludge. Songs can’t be separated from this entirety because only as a whole it gives the right picture of what’s about. Anyway, take this album as a sinister and notorious journey through some of the most diabolical soundscapes ever recorded…

Choronzon have achived what is rare in the underground of today. With dusty and rough production, hypnotic vocal job and culminating atmospheres they deliver an outstanding ritualistic avantgarde musical experience. It’s chaos in sound or better said chaos and magick framed into music.
Review written by: T.V.

Rating: 8,5/10

Read the full review here:

We’ll try to give enough time to absorb what we’ve laid on you here, but with the coming release of MK-CCCXXXIII MK II coming up with the full Choronzon East/West working and Escape From Nullworld, both of which will dictate when they are to spill over into the collective psyche.

Choronzon - MK-CCCXXXIII

Choronzon – MK-CCCXXXIII

News Teaser: The Gathering Chaos

Over at PANICMACHINE both halves of the massive New World Chaos have just been made available. With an option for lovely flac, this is an opportunity to experience the full sonic range of this piece of work and CD’s of both will be coming within days.

In connection with this, we are working on bringing back all the content of the old site, including the extensive NWC section with words, art and music. We intended from the start to have the extensive archive of CHORONZON research, art and writing along with the frequently updating front-end, multimedia and community functions. There is much more, but all at once, it would be too massive to be a post…

Directorship, Armatures, Vox: Demitria Monde Thraam
Additive Layerings + Vox: P. Emerson Williams
Visual Art: Demitria Monde Thraam, P. Emerson Williams
Cryptovox / Ritual Activation: The Xenodimensional CHORONZON
Additional Textualities: Eianorange, Pvra Dalem

. A Vision Based Upon Itself .

Directorship, Armatures + Vox: P. Emerson Williams
Additive Layering, Art + Conceptual Interpretations: Demitria Monde Thraam
Cryptovox / Ritual Activation: The Xenodimensional CHORONZON

CHORONZON – FIAT NOX Complete In Video

A termite mound still alive with activity though burning. What is being
built is being torn down and chewed up right behind the workers. This is
the purpose of life and foundation for the evaluation of the worth of
each inhabitant of the hive. they believe this will stave off the chaos
that has been declared by the night.

Beyond those doors – An outline of execution was heard during the disturbances as an exit from a physical space and the fictional nightmare. Don’t look too close. In end you’ll believe. A king in Yellow, neurotransmitters extend through quantum states, a POMO economy and culture renders all attemps at understanding and manipulation futile.

The moment when an empire is in a freefall, the point of evocation when the entity is undoubtedly and fearsomely manifest, when one is on the path and there can be no going back. In the Abyss there is no time, nor space. The only way out is through and the only way to emerge is to leave yourself there. The biggest crimes are committed with the help of armies and authorities, so freedom has to be declared by the night.

A manifestation of the Art in flesh, medium of spirit immersed in a pool of your own lifeblood. Smoke of dragon’s blood and wormwood and the projection solidifies a demon — your only company.

CHORONZON – Psychosis Ex Machina Decay And Bloodshed Edition Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

Psychosis Ex Machina Decay And Bloodshed Edition Pt. 1&2 CD’s $16.00 + S&H

2002 saw the release of Psychosis Ex Machina, the shamanic and improvisational chaotic sound-sculpture by Choronzon. Psychosis Ex Machina was a journey further into madness and gnosis than even those who could grok Magog Agog, their 1998 debut on Nocturnal Art Productions and Era Vulgaris, the followup wrapped in myth and lore could have even enticipated.
Chaotic and trance-inducing was the swirling and percussive assault launched on that release by P. Emerson Williams Voland. Displayed was a experimental melding of ethnic percussion, twisted sound scapes and emotionally unhinged vocal invocations. Claustrophobic tunnels of darkness open up into vast churning heavens into which the listeners are thrown.

A decade after the completion of recording Psychosis Ex Machina Choronzon brings an expanded remaster that includes an added 50 minutes of music from the sessions, an ebook and six music videos. The original tracks were revisited, given new mixes and mastering was done by electronic music veteran and avant garde video artist Ferenc Teglas.

Choronzon have always been known as anarchic and occult practtioners of sonic Magickal craft, but previous releases were mere previews of the harrowing scope of Psychosis Ex Machina and now this album has been brought closer to the original, appropriately psychotic vision of its creator. The original single disc alb um was a lot to take in and the cumulative effect of the one hour and fifty-two minute sonic assault with ebook and videos will yield years of gnosis and puzzlement to those who brave its scorched ground.

Born of need and dark desires no person would like to admit to.


released 29 March 2012

P. Emerson Williams – Vox, Guitar, Keyboards, Vio-Lin, Sonic Manipulation, Cello, Cryptovox

Voland – Bass, Screams, Torture

You get both CD’s for one low price, each in its own jewel case. Upon ordering you also get immediate gratification with the download of the music along with the ebook and music videos.


01 – Dies-Ease (Wrath) (Remaster)

02 – The Enchanting Dead (Remaster)

03 – Crypt-Analysis (Remaster)

04 – Surge Of Blood (Remaster)

05 – Crossing I – The 30th Aethyr (Remaster)

06 – Asymmetrical Red Chamber (Remaster)

07 – Crossing II – The 29th Aethyr (Remaster)

08 – Justified (Remaster)

09 – Crossing III – The 28th Aethyr (Remaster)


10 – Ornamental Crypto-Anarchy (Remaster)

11 – Split In Two (Bonus Track)

12 – Offering (Bonus Track)

13 – When Drones Find No Warm Targets (Bonus Track)

14 – Sentient and Out of Fuel (Bonus Track)

“…melodies like rusty barbs attaching to your eardrums and on the other hand endless passages of sheer noise that drive you insane, especially when, which I recommend, you listen to this at maximum volume.” -Nhashi, Voices From the Darkside

“Even after dozens of listens I’m finding more things about this record and it still has the awe and entrancing feelings of when I first heard these tracks. These are the signs of a true classic to me, and as such I have no reservations giving this work my highest recommendations.”

“I’m keeping it under lock and key, just to be on the safe side. Regrettably, it seems to have heard my plans…” -Mick Mercer

“Il flotte sur ce disque un parfum de nihilisme qui fait peur, car rarement on aura osé aller aussi loin dans la totale négation de la mélodie et de la beauté.” -Decibels Storm
“For the dark eccentric wierdo inthe metal crowd only.” -Pit Magazine

“The industrial edge of this band is the most visual side of their music, several noisy factors do play an essential part of he music and do not allow it to become poloshed or predictable.” -Nordic Vision Magazine. 

“A chaos demon has landed on Choronzon recording – that is why it is so sick. Alas never try to stick a label to this cd, otherwise it leaves you dissatisfied. Better get into it with free mind, as it can not be an everyday listen.” -Ledo Takas#6 zine. 

Liber Psychosis Ex Machina 46 Page 8.5″x8.5″ Paperback Book $20.00 + S&H

The words and images that open up the world of Choronzon’s Psychosis Ex Machina. A view from within the machinery of empire. With the words to the sounds supplied, the picture becomes clearer and harder to grasp…

P. Emerson Williams

First Edition

Language: English

Pages: 46

Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback

Interior: Full color

Dimensions: (inches) 8.5 wide x 8.5 tall


Psychosis Ex Machina Decay And Bloodshed Edition Full Packace $50.00 + S&H

The full package includes both CD’s and the Liber Psychosis Ex Machina book as well as the full digital release. the first three to order will receive the original P. Emerson Williams drawings from which the album art was created.

All options include immediate download of the 14-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

Lot in Sodom – Choronzon Score

This film was chosen to be scored not so much for its subject, but for the gorgeous style and mood of the piece, though on watching this one can see how biblical tales have been used in pretty subversive ways in artistic interpretations.

Lot in Sodom is a short silent experimental film , based on the Biblical tale of the city of Sodom and Gomorrah . It was directed by James Sibley Watson and Melville Webber .The movie uses experimental techniques, Avant-Garde imagery and strong allusions to sexuality , especially homosexuality .Louis Siegel was the sound composer, according to the film’s opening credits. The story is much closer to the tale than other films like Sodom and Gomorrah. Sodom is a place of sin. An angel appears there and he is welcomed by Lot. The people of Sodom want to have sex with him. Lot refuses and offers up his virgin daughter to the crowd instead; then the angel tells him to escape the city with his wife and daughter. Sodom is then destroyed by the flames; Lot’s wife is turned to a pillar of salt for having looked back. All intertitles are quotes from the Bible .